Trial in the Time of Covid

Fresh off a four-week bench trial with my partner, Norm Finkel – conducted entirely on Zoom – I want to share some of my impressions that will hopefully help inform clients’ decisions as we navigate our way through this new COVID-era legal environment.

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Chicago’s New Fair Workweek Ordinance Requires Certain Employers to Provide Predictive Work Schedules

On July 1, 2020, the City of Chicago rolled out the Fair Workweek Ordinance, which requires certain employers to provide predictable work schedules to eligible employees and pay additional compensation if the employer subsequently modifies the schedule. The City’s decision to implement the Ordinance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many employers scrambling to determine whether their business is subject to the Ordinance, what employers need to do to comply, and how the Ordinance will be enforced during the ongoing pandemic.

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Are False Accusations of Racism a Form of Defamation?

The other day as I was taking my work-from-home morning walk, I explored a thought: Should racism be made a per se defamation category?

Clearly, that’s not a solution to the enormous problem of societal and institutional racism spurring the current protests in furtherance of the Black Lives Matter movement, in the wake of George Floyd’s death. But as a lawyer who concentrates in defamation litigation, it was an idea that intrigued me.

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