Claiming Bad Debt Losses

Question: A few years ago, I individually loaned a friend a sizeable amount of money. Since there is no chance I will be repaid, can I report a tax deduction for the amount loaned?

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Vaccine Requirements – An Update

Since December 2020, the federal government, beginning with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s initial guidance on the subject, has made clear that mandatory employer vaccine requirements were permissible and did not violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, or the American with Disabilities Act, which we wrote about previously The ability of employer mandatory vaccine requirements has consistently been reinforced since that time.

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When is a sales representative not a sales representative?

Akstrom Imports Inc. raised several interesting arguments in defense of the claims brought by Minnesota sales representative Kinneberg Management Group (KMG), including that, as a Canadian distributor, it was not subject to the jurisdiction of a Minnesota federal court. Even if it was, Akstrom continued, Canadian law still controlled, not Minnesota’s pesky sales rep statute.

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Attorneys Beware: Zoom Depositions Are Likely Inadmissible

You get a notice of deposition via email. The notice provides that the deposition will be taken remotely through a Zoom videoconference.

The day of the deposition arrives and as your witness is testifying, you notice the red blinking light in the upper left corner of the screen designating that the deposition is being recorded.

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