Recent SFBBG Court Victory

After a two-day arbitration in Los Angeles, partner Richard M. Goldwasser prevailed in an unpaid commissions dispute for an independent sales representative in the medical supplies field. On April 6, 2019, finding the manufacturer’s failure to pay the outstanding commissions was willful, the arbitrator entered a six-figure award for the sales rep, including three times the unpaid commissions, plus interest, attorney’s fees and costs.

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Danielle Pearlman Presents at JUF Event

SFBBG real estate tax reduction attorney, Danielle L. Pearlman, presented at JUF Professionals Network Nightcaps & Noshes on September 14th at the Bryn Mawr Country Club in Lincolnwood.

SFBBG Prevails in Illinois Appellate Court

SFBBG Prevails in Illinois Appellate Court

On August 9, 2022, SFBBG attorneys, Phil Zisook and Bill Klein, prevailed in an Illinois Appellate Court case where our clients were sued concerning a failed real estate transaction. The proposed transaction involved the transfer of three parcels of real estate consisting of a golf course in Michigan, a Chicago office building, and a River North condominium.