COVID-19 Updates

Illinois Department of Human Rights Publishes Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program

Earlier this year, the State of Illinois enacted new legislation requiring every Illinois employer to provide mandatory sexual harassment prevention training for all employees on an annual basis. While the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly upended businesses and employers throughout the nation, the mandatory training obligations for Illinois employers have not changed.

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We’re Open for Closings!

Following the issuance of Governor Pritzker’s March 20, 2020, “Stay at Home” Executive Order (“Order”) [include link here to Order No. 2020-10], individuals and companies with real estate closings in the pipeline suddenly, and quite justifiably, panicked: “Does this mean we can’t close our deal?” For now, the answer is yes, you can still close your deal, with precautions, good planning and an abundance of patience.

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Additional PPP Funding and U.S. Chamber Grant

President Trump signed the $484 Billion stimulus bill, adding additional relief for small businesses and healthcare. This stimulus package includes $310 Billion in additional funding for Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loans. The funds are expected to be absorbed far more quickly than the 13 days of the initial PPP funding.

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COVID-19: What Comes Next?

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous strain on employers tasked with maintaining the viability of their businesses while also complying with their legal obligations to employees under the increasingly complex employment law framework.  

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SBA Programs Update

Earlier this week, we shared that the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) will begin accepting Paycheck Protection Program loan applications starting tomorrow, April 3…

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Key Aspects of Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance Coverage Considerations in the Age of COVID-19

By now, it is beyond cliché to note that we are in uncharted waters. For our business owners and managers alike, we wanted to offer some guidance for insurance-related issues as you consider whether to pursue coverage for COVID-19 related claims.

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