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SFBBG Scores Victory in Seventh Circuit Appeal

SFBBG attorneys Richard M. Goldwasser and Matthew P. Tyrrell scored a decisive victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit when the Court affirmed a six-figure judgment entered in the Northern District of Illinois in favor of firm client, Beauty Enterprises, Inc., a leading distributor of beauty products.

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Chicago Law Firm Doesn’t Let Pandemic Slow It Down

During a time when many law firms fled downtown, switching entirely to remote operations, and otherwise socially distancing from their former Loop practices, one Chicago law firm kept its foot on the gas and reached certain pre-pandemic goals set in late 2019.

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Trial in the Time of Covid

Fresh off a four-week bench trial with my partner, Norm Finkel – conducted entirely on Zoom – I want to share some of my impressions that will hopefully help inform clients’ decisions as we navigate our way through this new COVID-era legal environment.

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