Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales

SFBBG manages transactions involving the purchase or sale of a business. From analyzing, negotiating and structuring the transaction, to performing due diligence reviews and documenting and closing the deal, SFBBG marshals the necessary resources to ensure a smooth process. As seasoned attorneys with years of transactional experience, we strive to limit the transaction risks to our clients. SFBBG attorneys are skilled at addressing client priorities while managing corporate legal matters that often arise during a business merger, acquisition or sale transaction. We also address issues relating to antitrust clearance, securities law compliance and international matters. SFBBG is proud to have managed countless acquisitions for both buyers and sellers. We structure transactions to meet the needs of our clients, including cash purchases, mergers and stock-for-stock exchanges. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience dealing with government regulators, investment bankers, commercial banks and other credit facilities, and are capable of completing transactions within tight timelines. Throughout every transaction, SFBBG attorneys counsel clients on alternative courses of action, and regularly communicate the progress.


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