Intellectual Property 

The time, money and hard work you invest in your business are all represented in your brand. In this age of “e-commerce,” a simple touch of a button allows your written work and images to be shared globally. Theft and infringement of intellectual property has become a national crisis. Ensure that no one takes credit for your accomplishments by protecting your brand and work product.

Our attorneys include an engineer whose background facilitates understanding of your invention, drafting of your patent applications and conducting novelty searches.

We can counsel you on trademark searches and the selection of strong trademarks and servicemarks and prepare and file applications for registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If rivals oppose your registration, we can prosecute your claims before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. In the event competitors infringe on your rights, you may rely on our trial experience in the Federal Courts where we have successfully protected our clients against infringement of their intellectual property rights.

You cannot afford to risk your business to the theft or infringement of your intellectual property. We make the registration, protection and enforcement of your intellectual property affordable.


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