Federal and State Taxation

The integration of the Firm’s tax practice with its corporate and transactional practice distinguishes the Firm from most others. Unlike many law firms where tax law services are rendered in a legal vacuum by a separate department, our tax lawyers are skilled transactional lawyers in addition to possessing significant tax experience. Even our corporate and transactional lawyers who are not tax specialists possess a strong working knowledge of tax law, providing the capacity for the integration of our tax practice into all of our practice areas, as appropriate. The focus of the Firm’s tax practice has always been to find a practical and precise means of accomplishing our clients’ objectives in the most tax-effective manner possible. We attempt not only to produce the best possible economic return for our clients, but also the best possible after-tax return. We regularly counsel clients engaged in tax-free exchanges of real estate, leveraged employee stock ownership plans, the purchase or sale of a business, and many other transactions. While tax planning and implementation form the foundation of the Firm’s practice, even the most conservative planners will invariably encounter governmental compliance issues. Our extensive experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and local governmental taxing authorities helps us effectively resolve such tax controversies. Although the Firm is typically able to achieve the desired results without resorting to litigation, where necessary we will pursue matters in U.S. Tax Court and other judicial forums to strive for the best possible outcome for our clients.


  • Federal and State income tax
  • Corporate and partnership tax issues
  • Sales and use tax
  • Estate and gift tax
  • International taxation issues
  • Real estate tax issues
  • Employee benefits and ERISA matters


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